PSN Lover GTA – This Is for You

cool xMost people got into the Grand Theft Auto series with GTA3, which is completely understandable. That game would change the very nature of video games and is still considered an all-time classic. But if you have only played from GTA3 on, you have missed out on a really great game in Grand Theft Auto 2.GTA2 takes place in an unnamed American city, simply called, “Anywhere, USA.” The city is a warzone and you are right in the middle of it. You play as Claude Speed, a nobody thug who works his way up the crime ladder.

You do this by completing jobs for the various crime organizations around the city. The city is broken into three different districts, with new groups in each. Control of the city is being fought for by these different groups, including the Zaibatsu Corporation, The Loonies, The Yakuza, Russian Mafia and more. Claude needs to play for all these without making any them too upset. How happy they are with you is shown in the corner, so you are always smiling as you stab another in the back. Unlike future GTA games, this one is played from a top down perspective.

It can be awkward moving around if you are not used to this, but it will quickly become second nature to you and you will be driving all around the city causing mayhem on every corner. You get your orders by going to different pay-phones, with different colors representing their difficulty. The more difficult, the bigger the payout.

cool xxThe mission types are fairly basic, having you go to a certain area and kill the gang members there. Or delivering a package within certain time limit. But there are Kill Frenzies and GTA Tokens to keep you occupied. Or you can just cause destruction and be rewarded for it. Every person you kill, run over, orca you explode rewards you with money.

So when you have a nice rampage going, it’s great to see the cash rolling in.GTA2 did a lot of things that would later become staples for the series, but also handsome great things that would later be removed, like the talking police heads and full motion videos. The game is still worth playing and not just to see the beginning of an epic series. It may be a little rough around the edges from this source, but it is still great time.




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