Clash of Lords 2 – Battle of Heroes

Many gamers nowadays like to play the game and some newbie gamers like to try this Clash of Lords 2. Within two to three days they were going to get addicted with this type of game. And as you can see that it somewhat improve compared to the previous game, its graphics much more improve, the heroes more much more detailed and more strategies to be make just to win the raided base. The preview function of Hero is that he will get the full energy bar certain method and there is a system around the game that would make the bar full within 8 seconds until the flame goes full. As the matter of fact that it takes 4 flames to make it full bar and you can wait till the flame bar full. As you can see make sure the bar of your hero us full this is one way ticket to win or to turn the table.

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To think there are many heroes you can have but you have to select the best hero for war, you can only have five rare heroes that can aid you through victory. Gamers would like to change their heroes or even upgrade their heroes just to make stronger. Some basic info the after the trial and error that somewhat run test tome make heroes perfect the come up with five rules in deciding specific heroes to gather for in the front line and makes the heroes hall cut.

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The set of rules upon the heroes, is like a sequence from normal heroes to good heroes, rare and orange rare totally unique. Rings have some good purpose and should save it for good, the good thing about rings is that you can find and acquire rare heroes to aid you during war.

Don’t invest too many souls for your heroes and make sure you keep them along with your team. Heroes are totally important character during raiding and much more very powerful support for war. It is better to make you hero to have a balance upgrade don’t focus on one hero be sure to balance them all and allocate them one by one. And use hero with low level, it is to take him down for good.

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It is easy to buy or recruit hero by using lots of gem and it requires you lots of money to invest to it. It is great and good to play this game it is because you can use lots of heroes that has specific skills.


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